2. Oktober 2008

Good to know, by Margaret Mason

Margaret Mason - Autorin von Mighty Girl - hat diese wunderbare Liste geblogt. Da man nicht jedem link folgt, zitiere ich einfach mal das ganze Ding:

Wear the tight dress. You won’t have that body forever.

If there’s a nuclear war, head north. There will be less fallout up there.

Don’t tell contractors what to do, it pisses them off. Ask them. And bring beer.

If you’re lost in the woods, follow a stream downstream and you’ll find houses.

The more they process the food, the more you have to pay. Buy the whole chicken.

If a bear attacks, curl into a ball to protect your internal organs.

If someone needs money enough to beg for it, give them a dollar.

If you boil willow bark and drink the tea, it’s like taking asprin.

You should iron that.

If something big stabs you, leave it in until you can get to the hospital.

Put a little lipstick on, Margaret.

You need to learn to shoot a handgun.

Dass meine Mutter den Lippenstift weggelassen, aber die stolze Haltung mit geradem Rücken eingebaut hat, liegt wohl am preussischen Hintergrund.

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