24. Dezember 2008

Frohes Fest!

Day by day does so vergang,
and the holy night does come.
You can think, you can remember,
This is immer in Dezember.
All the Menschen, Leute, People
Flippen out of ihr warm stueble,
Run to Kaufhof, ALDI, Mess,
Make Konsum and Business.
Kaufen this and jene things.
And the Churchturmglocke rings.
Then the childrenlein are coming
Candle-Wachs is abwärts running.
Bing of Crosby Christmas sings
While the Towerglocke rings.
And the angels look so fine -
Well this is the Weihnachtstime.

(von Christoph bekommen, vielen Dank!)

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