13. Januar 2010

Great Danger! Walk quickly. Away.

In the Samaria Gorge on Crete, there are these signs telling visitors that there is"GREAT DANGER! WALK QUICKLY!"

I should have that around my neck right now. In large, orange letters. Maybe with a menacing stare like that skiing guy. The letters, not I. I better not look at anyone. May let them burst into flames and we wouldn't want that.

I evaluated my this and that yesterday and today and have it black on white now that I work way too fast. 2.5 times faster than expected. And is there a reward? A thank you? A nice smile? A piece of wall that features my picture and name under the inscription "Employee of the year".


Can I break something to feel better? Please?


  1. Nur die Hoffnung nicht aufgeben. Vielleicht klappts ja noch mit "Employee of the month". Das Jahr hat doch erst angefangen. Trotzdem noch einen entpannten Abend.

  2. maybe you can break under the table when nobody is watching?!

    sorry, my denglish isn't that bad, i'll hope...

    nice wishes

  3. But puking under my table would leave me sitting with my pretty shoes in awful puke. Yes, that would be an excuse to spend money on shoes - AGAIN - but that story would probably follow me for ages...

    At least the boss would notice I am there, I guess :-)

  4. what about the table from a lovely associate? ;)