26. März 2010

Good things come to those who wait

So here it is. Finally. My Life List with all those things I want to do before I go. It is not finished yet and I hope to have many more moments thinking "Yeah, I'd like to do that, too!" And while I check items off the List, I'll posted about my adventures here. All those posts will be labeled "Cati's Life List" and the List even has its own page here, just above the daily post.

Do you have a list  of things you want to do before you go? Publish it and e-mail me where I can find it. I'd be happy to share it here if you like. It can be in any language, so don't hesitate to start thinking about what's next on your agenda.

  1. Hike the Appalachian Trail.
  2. Write a novel.
  3. Have children.
  4. Make twistbread with my kids over camp fire.
  5. Decorate the living room.
  6. Take a Photoshop course.
  7. Own a house.
  8. Skydive.
  9. Read 500 books.
  10. Host a summer garden party.
  11. Become a writer.
  12. Become involved with charity.
  13. Appear in a play.
  14. Learn tapdance.
  15. See Ayer's Rock at sunset.
  16. Take my laptop to "work" at Starbucks.
  17. Have my own office space.
  18. Be fluent in 4 languages: German / English / Spanish / French.
  19. See Macchu Picchu.
  20. Climb "El Capitan" in Yosemite National Park.
  21. Videotape a baby's first steps.
  22. Buy fresh flowers for the house for a year.
  23. Cook one new recipe per week for a year.
  24. Study graphics design.
  25. Eat a donut in Boston's Common.
  26. Swim with dolphins.
  27. Cook Christmas Eve Dinner for the entire family.
  28. Create a show photographs in a "show".
  29. Learn to sew and wear something self-made in public.
  30. Attend a ball in a ball gown.
  31. Live in another country for not holidays.
  32. Be godmother of a child.
  33. Plan an event.
  34. Fly a helicopter.
  35. Ride a camel.
  36. Go on a safari in Africa.
  37. Attend a conference/blogher/summit.
  38. Design business cards for me and my business.
  39. Redesign Cati Basmatis Welt.
  40. Make my own website design.
  41. Adopt a pet.
  42. Invite an exchange student into my life.
  43. Take pictures of me and the Welcome-sign of every American state.
  44. Grow vegetables.
  45. Build a bird house for my backyard.
  46. Send birthday cards to all my friends and family for one year.
  47. Publish a coffee table book.
  48. See the pyramids in Egypt.
  49. Kiss the geek atop the Eiffel tower.
  50. Kiss the geek atop the Empire State building.
  51. Visit a U Pick Orchard and make a pie out of self-picked fruits.
  52. Parasail.
  53. Organize a street party.
  54. Have a porch swing for summer evening wine.
  55. Have 100 readers for this blog.
  56. See whales off the New England coast with the geek.
  57. Help with a school play.
  58. Walk down the aisle.
  59. Have monthly dinner with my girls.
  60. Open a café/bookstore/bakery kind of place.
  61. Remodel a house.
  62. Live by the sea for not holidays.
  63. Rent a house by a lake with friends for vacation.
  64. Ride the cable car in San Francisco.
This project was and still is inspired by Maggie Mason who is eager to find out more about our lists, too.


  1. Bin gerade auf Deinen Blog gestoßen und kann gar nicht aufhören zu lesen. Toller Schreibstil :o)
    Hier komme ich gerne öfter vorbei. Besonders um das Abarbeiten der Life List zu beobachten.

    Lieben Gruß,

  2. Danke für das Lob :-)
    Und ich freu mich, wenn Du öfter mal vorbei schaust!
    Lieben Gruß,

  3. beeindruckende liste, liebe cati!ich darf nur leider gar nicht erst darüber nachdenken auch eine zu machen, das wäre eine zu tolle ablenkung von meinem lernkram:( aber baaaaaald!!!!

  4. Huhu Du Liebe,
    oh Gott ich bin steinalt, Methusalem, ein Fossil. Von Deinen 65 Punkten hab ich 60 schon gemacht und die anderen fünf will ich gar nicht machen kicher. Ich glaub ich darf gar nicht anfagen eine Life-List zu schreiben. Das würde wahrscheinlich ein Monumentalschinken lol. Ich wünsch Dir ein wunderfeines Wochenende und viel Spass beim abarbeiten ich persönlich kann das mit der Straßenbahn in San Francisco sehr empfehlen wobei eindeutig auch mit Delfinen schwimmen richtig Spass macht. GLG Myriam

  5. Aber nur weil ich genau diese 65 habe, brauchst Du doch nicht die gleichen zu haben! Schreibs doch mal auf und lass mich wissen, was ich davon vielleicht schon gemacht habe?!
    Du bist schon mit Delfinen geschwommen? Wow, da bin ich neidisch. Ich hab es bisher nur bis zum Streicheln gebracht...

  6. Ach, bei durchschnittlich 80 Jahren hab ich ja noch.... so gut wie 55 ;-)