27. März 2010

Good things come to those who weap in despair

Camera bags. What a lovely topic to cry about. I am quite content with my bag, as it looks rather like a small messenger bag than a traditional camera bag, but it is also sometimes too small to hold all the essentials I need. Like phone, notebook, sunglasses, wallet and and and. So that means that I have to either decide on which of all those things I leave at home or I have to take another bag. How practical is that?

But then I found Lola. And Ginger. And Belle. And I fell in love.

Epiphanie have finally had enough of being stuck with man-bags that are super practical and not at all good looking and they have come up with camera bags that hold everything and still look super amazing.
"Liberating stylish women photographers from the man-bag."
So if you are still looking for a bag that fits your camera and suits you, go check out their shop. I've put all the bags on my must-have-list. The more the merrier, right?

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