2. Mai 2010

Week 5/52: Mushroom Cream Soup with Meat Balls

Gee, I knew it, 5 weeks gone and she does not follow the easiest project in the world any longer.

WRONG. The story just didn't make it all the way to the web.

The fridge was stocked with basically every single grocery there is on earth, but somehow I could not make up my mind. And then the mushrooms cried EATME EATME EATME and I listened.

1 Tsp butter
1 onion, chopped
500 g mushrooms, sliced
3 Tsp flour
750 ml vegetable broth
250 ml milk
200 g cream

Now guess what. Yes. Melt the butter and fry onions and mushrooms in it. So far, so good. But then comes the weird part. Take the pan and sprinkle the mushrooms with 1 tablespoon of the flour. Stir to spread it evenly. Hello? That is supposed to become a soup, Mr. Cook Book Writer. But I'll trust you for now and follow your instructions. As weird as they sound...

Add broth and milk. Let simmer for 10 minutes and stop thinking about the flour. Just wait what happens.

Whisk the cream with 2 tablespoons flour without giving up on this recipe and add to the soup. Let it cook for 5 minutes without leaving the kitchen as the milky soup is likely to leave the pot. Which is not so nice for the one who has to clean the kitchen afterwards. Which is the cook.

And now the miracle happens and the flour weirdness makes sense. The soup starts to thicken and disguise itself as cream soup. Lovely. I take back all the weirdness-related comments, Mr. Cook Book Writer.

Serve with sprinkles of parsley. The book suggests bread crumplings, but we thought that meatballs would be great with it, too. So I just let easy-peasy meatballs simmer a bit in the soup before serving. But who in the world has fresh parsley at hand?Meaning who as in persons without a house, garden or balcony. Poor me.

I had thought that I would have to mash the whole mess, as when making wild garlic soup, but I was wrong. The soup sucks all the flavor out of the mushrooms and turns it into a subtle mushroomy taste and texture. So there is the vampire soup I was looking for. Perfect.

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