4. Mai 2010

Week 6/52: Lamb with zucchini

And within 24 hours after cooking: here's the recipe:

Good for lamb lovers, but I'd prefer the other lamb.

4 - 8 lamb filets, which I read as 400 g lamb, because the ready-packed lamb came in that size
2 Tsp olive oil
1 onion, finely chopped
1 garlic clove, finely chopped
4 Tsp Ouzo, which we did not have so I took another bottle that spoke Greek to me: Raki
400 g tomatoes, chopped (it says canned tomatoes, but who cares...)
1 dash sugar which I like to add with a little magician's gesture and a Swooch-sound
1 Tsp freshly chopped thyme (like I have a garden or what? I figured that dried thyme would be ok, too)
250 g zucchini, which is about one larger one

This recipe promised to call Zeus if anything was not done as instructed and what can I say? I like to insult the Gods and worship the Esprit-Zara-Mango golden calf.I like to cook by recipes, but somehow I always like to improve them. Is it my fault hat my cooking genius hasn't been appreciated yet by man others? I do hate when the geek does the same, though, so don't tell him I said that not going by the word is a good thing. You and I? Partners in crime.

The lamb is to be rubbed in pepper, but as the lamb was not fresh but deep-frozen and marinated, I skipped that part and continued with sweating the onion and the garlic in oil. AFter 5 minutes, I added the lamb, which I thought could be cut into goulash sized pieces.

When the lamb is brown, add the Ouzo (or Raki), the tomatoes and the juice they are canned in, sugar and thyme. Season with salt.

And now I present the part which I like to take as an argument for all "fresh herb" addicts: If the whole thing is to cook for 30-40 minutes, then my dried herbs have more time for adding flavor than most mothers have as "me-time" on a regular day. And that just needs to suffice.

15 minutes before everything is done, add the sliced zucchini. That way, they do not get all squishy.

We served it with potatoes, which turned out to be not the right decision. It was not bad, but just didn't fit perfectly. So next time, we'd take rice.

The best part is the joghurt sauce though. Take 150 g Greek joghurt (or any kind of natural joghurt) and add pepper, salt and 2 mashed garlic cloves. The next day, call in sick to avoid killing people by talking to them.

Guten Appetit!

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