10. Mai 2010

Week 7/52: Fish in a Parmesan-Herb Crust

If my life depended on the question "Meat or Fish," I'd pick meat.

If life meant "Fish or Soup?," I'd take that soup.

But the geek loves fish. And since I love the geek, it was time for a compromise. So I braved myself up with wine and thoughts of an after-dinner Martini and got down to business.

Fish in a Parmesan-Herb Crust:

4 200 gr pieces of white fish filet (in non-fish lover words, this means: ling, snapper or perch)
coat the filets in flour, mixed with salt and pepper
then in 1 egg, beaten with some milk
and then in a mixture of:
2 Tsp fresh dill
2 Tsp fresh parsley
4 Tsp grated parmesan
4 Tsp almond splitters, crushed

That should look like this:

Then fry the filets until golden brown on both sides in 1 Tsp oil and 30 gr butter. I think that using only oil worked out fine, especially since we do not eat butter and therefore do not have it in the fridge.

The crust turned out perfectly: not too crispy, not too cheesy, not too anything at all. All those very strong flavors were totally in the spirit of election day in North Rhine-Westfalia and formed a coalition of equal rights.

The geek loved it and even I could not say anything against it. A feeling that was aided heavily by the wine:

We served the fish traditionally with rice and salad, but it definitely earns extra points with some sort of sauce. The cook book recommends an Avocado dip, but it just isn't the season right now. Tartar sauce can be used, too, but that asked for a lot of chopping and fresh herbs and mustard and mayonnaise, all of which we did not have or like. Shame on us.

Desert: Rhubarb.


  1. Huhu Du Liebe,
    Du mailst mir einfach Deine Addi (myriam.manns@gmx.de) und dann geht der Schmöker an Dich auf die Reise. Wenn Du ein Buch zum tuaschen hast, was ich gerne lesen würde (meist Krimis oder auch mal lustig) und Du es aus hast, schickst Du es dann mir. Ich warte dann auf Deine Mail und ab geht die Post. GLG Myriam

  2. Huhu Du Liebe,
    nochmal ich... also die Bibel nach Biff oder der Hexenhammer würden mich sehr interessieren. GLG Myriam

  3. das klingt ja sehr lecker mit dem fisch! das koche ich demnächst mal nach. danke für die inspiration!
    love julia

  4. Lecker!
    Übrigens, du Glückspilz, schau mal auf meinen Blog. :-)

  5. Hmmm - hört sich gut an! Das wird demnächst nachgekocht - ist schon abgeschrieben!
    Liebe Grüße, Fredda

  6. Ich kann es auch nach dem üblichen Drüber-Schlafen immer noch empfehlen! Und Sauvignon Blanc schmeckt hervorragend dazu...