20. Mai 2010

Week 8/52: Turkey Roulade on an Asparagus Float

So you think "Well she is sick, with fever and everthing, so the project is probably off." But no. I may have a fever, but I also have a geek. A hungry geek.Who knows his way around in the kitchen.

And while I nursed my tonsils in the bedroom, he did all the cooking. To defend my honor, I was forced to peel the asparagus - and wash the bed linen afterwards - and thus am entitled to present recipe 8 of the 52-week-year of new recipes:

Turkey Roulade on an Asparagus Float

I found it in a little leaflet that the geek used to bring home from his canteen, back when he was working at that office with the canteen. Now he only works in the same building, but no more canteen for him. Poor geek. The canteen company used to publish themed leaflets with recipes that they'd feature in that particular week. So far we have found many of them really good, as for example the jambalaya with crawfish, so I felt it too be a good choice. Plus: I like recipes with pretty pictures of what it is supposed to look like.

Let's get to cooking. You'll need.

1 garlic clove
3 shallots, cut into 4 pieces
3 Tsp butter
100 g freshly cut herbs: burnet, sorrel, chervil, chive, parsley, cress, borage, dill (or whatever herbs you have...)
4 slices of turkey breast (about 200 g each)
3 Tsp oil
juice of 1 lemon
2 kg asparagus
50 ml white wine
100 ml cream
250 g green ribbon noodles
1 tomato
salt, pepper, nutmeg

Preheat the oven to 180°C.

Sear the garlic and 1 onion in butter, add the herbs and let it simmer for a little. Season the turkey breast and spread the herb mixture on the meat. Roll the roulades, fasten them with a toothpick, sear the rolls in oil and let them cook in the oven for about 12 minutes.

Cook the asparagus in saltwater and lemon juice. Stew 2 onions in butter, add the white wine and fill with asparagus water and cream. Season with salt, pepper and lemon juice. Unfortunately, the recipe does not say how much water and what is supposed to happen (like let the sauce thicken for 5 minutes...), so we were a little off here. Yes, I had entered the kitchen at about paragraph two of the recipe.

Now that the bottle is open, you may as well have a bit of cooking wine. Not me, I have tonsils. Not enough room for both in this town.

Cook the noodles and season with nutmeg and butter.

Arrange the asparagus on plates and spread a bit of butter on top. Sprinkle with tomatoes and herbs. Place the roulades on the noddles and decorate with more herbs.

We served it with salad, too, as the geek is a salad person.

But to be honest: this is not our thing. I had thought that the herbs would underline the flavor, but it was more of a pirate that stole all the flavor there was. The asparagus was perfect, but the meat needs replacement. With something totally different.

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