15. Juni 2010

Week 12/52: Puff Pastry and Tiny Bits of Calories

When I was younger, I had a burning desire NOT to become like my mother. The older I get and the more I become like here, the more I like that I become like her. Turns out that it is not too bad after all.

My fridge is already totally like my mother's. Stacked with things I may need one day, so there is always often an expired pot of cream.Or things I just wanted to buy, without having an idea at all what to make with them.

The other day, my parents went on vacation. They are mostly on vacation, which means that I am often left in charge of house and hearth. I guess that is the luck of those kids who stay closest to home. So the day before they left at an unearthly hour, I bid them farewell and one of the last things I heard my mother say while putting down the receiver is: "Cati, I left some eggs in the fridge for you."

Which in her world translates to 30 eggs. Like I am a mother of 17 or what? Rocky, drinking a dozen raw eggs for breakfast?

Eventually, I thought of things to make and found a recipe which used many of the things I had to use soon:

Puff Pastry with Tiny Bits of Calories.

2 onions
125 g bacon
1 leek
4 eggs
200 g cream
200 g grated cheese
salt, pepper
1 ready-to-use puff pastry

How to turn calories into yummy calories:
Roast onions, bacon and leek. Add eggs, cream and grated cheese and allow to set.

Roll out the puff pastry and put into a pie pan. I never had a pie pan and after gazillion times of crying about it, I bought one. Yes, never needed it since.

Pour the mixture into the pastry, put in the preheated oven at 180°C and bake for about 30 minutes or until it has  nice brownish crust.

In the meantime, you can hang up the new roller blinds that will ensure blessed sleep during light summer nights. Or vacuum the living room AGAIN, because the birds lack table manners and are in full molting.

A tasty dish, quickly prepared, easy to eat one's fill.

Now excuse myself while I vacuum the living room AGAIN.

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