27. Juni 2010

Week 14/52: Barbecue Season

It is FIFA World Cup and time is consumed by games and preparation for games, i.e. not much time for anything but soccer. Stop. There is always time for a barbecue.

For starters, until the meat is done:
Anchovy feta cheese cream for toast.

You need:
feta cheese
olive oil
fresh lemon peel

Mix cheese, olive oil, thyme and lemon peel in a mixer to make a creamy paste. And you are basically done. Perfect.

Spread the cream on toasted bread and add one anchovy filet on top. You could also add diced tomatoes and a basil leave, for decoration.

Glaced cutlets

You need:
4 pork cutlets
salt and pepper

For the glace:
4 Tsp honey (note in my cookbook says: take less)
1 Tsp dry sherry
4 Tsp orange juice
2 Tsp olive oil
a bit of ginger

Heat all ingredients in a small pot until the honey has dissolved.

Place the cutlets on the barbecue (5 minutes per side), glace and barbecue for another 2-4 minutes from each side. Galce again.

Serve with someting salty. I could also image a Spanish onion cut into rings onto each cutlet or barbecued for themselves. And a soccer game and salad, of course. Yummy!

Unfortunately, I have no pictures of all that, but try for yourself, take a picture and e-mail it to me, I'd be glad to add it here.

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