16. Juli 2010

Week 16/52: I don't like rice

Way too hot to cook. Or to eat something cooked by someone else. Or eat anything but ice cream for that matter.

That established, we have hit the sore spot: what recipe to try? I thought it would be nice to cook something which would taste great once the sweating wears off, read: later. So I picked a rice salad recipe from my favorite barbecue cookbook.

You need:

150 g rice (which I don't like)
250 g pineapple (love, love, love)
200 g corn
2 red bell peppers (which I did not have)
2 spring onions (which I did not have)
3 Tsp raisins

For the dressing:
pineapple juice
1 Tsp hazelnut oil (which I did not have)
1 Tsp peanut oil (which I did not have)
1 Tsp white balsamico vinegar (which I did not have)
1 Tsp light soy sauce (which I did not have)
1 tsp ginger (which the geek hates)
I admit that it sounds a bit brave, trying a recipe of which I had only 50% of the ingredients and 2 other ingredients are not at all liked by either of us. Imagination, how you come in handy these days.

Here is the how to:
Cook the rice and rinse in cold water. Add pineapple, corn, peas to fill the spot of peppers and raisins and just pretend that you never read the part about spring onions. Season with salt and pepper.

From the rest, use all you have - read: pineapple juice - and replace the rest with walnut oil, sesame oil, white wine vinegar, normal soy sauce and pretend that you never read the part about ginger. Or at least pretend in front of the geek. He'll never know.

Take it, shake it and pour it over the rest. The recipe says: serve immediately, but it tastes great the day after and the day after that. Just tested it.

I think I'll definitely make it again, for it is great to prepare in advance and use it for lunch on very hot days. Read: all days this summer. I don't think that it would be great for a barbecue, as it is very tasty in itself and would rival my best friend: meat. But try for yourself and let me know.

Guten Appetit.

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