28. August 2010

As a tour guide

Every Saturday or Sunday once in a while, I return to my old student job and spend the day as a tour guide in Aachen Cathedral. Which I love, by the way, so much more than the grown-up job I do for a living.


Today I realized that I like myself as a tour guide better if I speak English. And I am so much funnier - at least I think I am - when I guide a tour full of English-speaking people through my favorite cathedral in the world. Or at least they tend to be much more relaxed than the guests in my German tourns. But that funny tour guide? I guess that is my secret other me. Agent Basmati, so to say.

Or 00-Basmati? Are there female 00-agents in MI6? And if there are, are they still secret agents, now that we know about them? And if there are and I am one of them, would it matter that I am not English and would prefer to be American? Things I need to check one day...


  1. Nachdem Juli uns verraten hat, dass Du im Oktober unser Tourguide im Dom sein wirst, müssten wir ja jetzt fast eine Führung auf Englisch bestellen, oder?

  2. Ne, für Euch bin ich auch auf Deutsch äußerst unterhaltsam :-) Freu mich auf Euren Besuch, inkognito!