18. August 2010

Creativity 2.0

So I took that quiz I had found via How About Orange by the Psychologies Magazine: What's your creative style.

Turns out: Creativity enriches me
Creativity is separate from the real world for you. But it’s a magical world in which you like to immerse yourself. When you’re involved in it, you get the wonderful sensation that there are no limits, that anything is possible. What you are really looking for is harmony — you want to feel you are a part of what you create. Planting flowers, writing poetry, embroidery or putting together a photo album, these are all suited to your sort of quiet creativity. You want to fall in love with what you create.
This nicely sums up how I think about blogging. I want to create something that I like PLUS add a little magic. Hooray for fairies and glitter and the overly realistic rendition of my life.
I admit though, that I deleted the second half of the result, because it said that I like to bathe in the glory of my art and THAT sounds too much like me. All day today, I have been running around announcing the glory of my sewing. Totally appreciated by ALL colleagues.

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