18. September 2010

Week 23/52: Beef and mushrooms

The pictures will be awful, I promise, so stick with me here.

It was an awful day at work, followed by another awful day at work and I was ready for meat. Lots of meat. Have I ever mentioned that meat is something I love? Yes, I do. Not everyday, but every once in a while. So when I had managed to get my hands onto two super steaks, I could not resist and tried another recipe from my barbecue cookbook.

Beef filled with mushrooms.

Mushrooms are not my very favorites, but I thought this is the perfect time of year to try this recipe. All you need is:

2 steaks
150 g mushrooms (mixed is better, but I only had white mushrooms), sliced
50 g butter
1-2 garlic cloves
1 Tsp parsley

Take the steaks and make a deep cut at a long side to make a pocket in which the mushrooms will later end their lives. Season with salt and pepper and set aside.

Press the garlic into the butter and sauté for a bit. Then add the mushrooms and keep whatever the -ing form of saute is. Sauteing. Sauting. Whatever. Add parsley, stir and fill the steaks with the mushrooms. I closed the steaks with two toothpicks each, to keep the mushrooms from escaping.

Now put the steaks on the grill. We used pots and pans as it was pouring outside and we do not have garden, porch, balcony or roof garden to put a grill. So instead, you can also fry the steaks to your liking until raw, medium or well done. The mushroom mix behaved gracefully and stayed where it was supposed to be, a good thing to know before putting it on an actual grill.

We made ribbon noodles with it and the obligatory salad. Yes, we are boring when it comes to our vegetables, you may have noticed by now.

With ketchup and cocktail sauce, it looked like this and tasted super delicious. Once we bought that Castle Greyskull and put up the grill, you know what is on the menu.

Guten Appetit

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