4. Oktober 2010

Week 26/52: Potatoe Pizza

The project reached half-time on Saturday.

I have to say, that what I thought to be an easy task I just needed to tackle has been both challenging - in having to find a new recipe each week - and rewarding - in trying a new dish every week. I can only encourage you all to sit down and write that list because there is so much out there we want to do, we just have to get down to business and do it. So if you are getting your projects done, let me know, I am eager to find out more!

Lately, I have been reading about potatoe pizza quite a lot online and so I thought that this is probably a trend I should not miss. And what can I say: mission accomplished!

I picked a recipe I found on Sammelhamster's blog. Mostly, those potatoe pizzas I read about have the potatoes on top, but this one used a potatoe dough and doesn't that sound interesting? See.

All you need is love. Plus a little extra:

6 potatoes, cooked
6 Tsp cornmeal
100 g sour cream
1 egg
salt and pepper

And something to your liking for on top:

100 g sour cream
250 ml buttermilk
grated cheese

Preheat the oven to 150°C. While it heats up, prepare a dough using the potatoes, cornmeal, 100 g sour cream and the egg and season. Then try your best to put that dough in pizza form onto a baking sheet. That is a bit difficult as the dough is not exactly sticky and if at all, it sticks to your fingers. That makes spreading a real challenge. Good luck.

Bake for about 10 minutes just like that. In the meantime, slice whatever you'd like on top or just drink a bit of red wine. I recommend a nice Shiraz, works well with everything.

Mix sour cream, buttermilk and season with salt, pepper and thyme. Spread onto the potatoe dough. Then layer everything else on top, starting with the peperoni and ending with first oregano and then cheese. I love cheese on pizza, the more the merrier, but the geek would have preferred less in the end. Too late, Mr.!

Bake for 30 minutes.

Guess what you could have done in the meantime? Drink wine and make a salad. Hooray for greens. As I mentioned before, we had a Shiraz with it and surprisingly , that was a really good choice. Beer would not have been the best accompaniment, even though potatoes normally scream for it. Sometimes you just have to let them scream.

This dish is really easy to make, does not need super extracurricular ingredients and tastes really like October or November. We'll definitely find it again on our table.

Guten Appetit.


  1. Mmh, looks great! I am looking forward to that Chili - I hope your still planning to do it?

  2. D-E-L Ishious!
    Chili still needs inspiration - read: recipe... :-)