4. November 2010

Daylight saving time

For a very long time, I did not grasp the concept of daylight saving time and standard time and why in the world should it be necessary for me to get up earlier than before, every single year?

I guess that had to do with my confuzzled mind that used to confuse the terms for winter time and summer time. I used to think that winter time is daylight saving time and how much sense does that make?

Every fall, I seem to drive to work earlier and earlier as every morning is a bit darker than the morning before. Well, sometimes I do run late, but normally I leave the house at the same time every day. So daylight is fading from my life, slowly but notedly. But all is not lost yet because I come home and I can still see were I am going. There is still some life day left for me once I leave the holy halls north of the emperor's town.

Then, all of a sudden, my world darkens. I leave the house and it's dark. I come home and it's dark. I imagine the world to be light and airy during the day while I am stuck in the holy halls north of the emperor's town, running my treadmill, but how am I supposed to know that for sure? Office window 1 leads into the office atrium, which masquerades as a tropic island with palm trees and a brook and office window 2 shows the wall of the cafeteria building and its green roof. And if the sun is out, it tends to be so dazzling that I have to let the blinds down to see my computer screen at all.

That in mind, the concept of DAYLIGHT SAVING did not really make sense. The only one saving anything at all is God, who took all daylight from me. I hope he is using it for his naptime, but I haven't had a chance yet to cehck.

Yes, I believe that God is a him. I admit, there are arguments for him being a she, too, because we could blame things like war, hunger and the Chinese government on her PMS, but I have a feeling that he is a he.

So all this confused me, really, until the other day when I found out that dayling saving time is actually that time in spring when they steal an hour during the night from us. So still, I am not sure where the SAVING really is, but at least my sunlight is still there. Thank you, world, for settling my mind.

I'll now go back to my room for some office nap to finalize my plan of getting that daylight back.

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  1. Vergiss das schnell wieder. Es gibt keinen Plan. Das alles ist eine perfide weltweite Verschwörung um uns im Winter depressiv werden und viel Schokolade kaufen zu lassen!!