21. November 2010

Week 33/52: Whiskey Cream Sauce

When the little brother is in town, he usually stays with LaMama. This may be due to either her cooking skills or her early breakfast buffets. Who knows.

This week, she is in South Africa - what a great excuse - and so it was my pleasure to play host for Mr. Business Trip to nearby Belgium and the Netherlands. The menu of choice is then beef with a side of meatballs and some chicken or pork for desert. Or something along that line, we Basmatis just enjoy good food and love to cook. Or love to eat and the cooking just comes with it, I don't know.

Anyhow, I tried a new recipe - suprise, surprise - with him: Whiskey Cream Sauce, brought to me by The Pioneer Woman. Recipes that start with butter and end with cream and hug some meat in the middle can't be bad, right? Oh so right.

Besides whiskey, butter and cream, there is not too much you need to feed me, my little brother and the geek. Yes, you may join us for dinner. Bring along:

3 Tsp butter or something like that
2 onions, chopped
100 ml whiskey
100 ml beef broth
100 ml cream
salt and pepper
enough meat, potatoes and salad to join the whiskey sauce. And red wine. Shiraz, if you want to win us over.

Now go ahead and open that bottle of wine if you are in the mood. If not, chop the onions. Yes, that many.

Next, brown them in about a tablespoon of that tasty, tasty butter.

Once the onions have become glassy, add the whiskey. We are not whiskey drinkers, so I picked one with a funny label: A passport to pleasure sounded just about good enough.

Add 100 ml of that passport to pleasuree.

Then add the beef broth and stir.

There is so much butter, how about adding some? Like  maybe a tablespoon or so? Ok, done.

Stir to speed up the melting. Use a fancy whisk, if you want to.

Then put that fancy whisk aside and add the cream.

Season with salt and pepper, lower the heat and let the sauce simmer to keep it warm until the beef is done. This is, by the way, the point at which you may use up the rest of the butter.

If you once happened to think that you couldn't live another day without that thermo sauce boat (Is that really the right word? How cute!), get it out of the cupboard and onto the table. Feel grown-up in a good way. Clink glasses and let the feast begin.

I was a bit afraid that butter and cream would steal all the tastiness, as both are established flavor carriers. But just after you add the whiskey, your whole kitchen turns into the nicest place on earther you'll never want to leave and you are in great danger of locking the door from the inside to have this treasure all to yourself.

However, equally nice is the fact that even though it smells terrifically whikeyish, the sauce's taste is more refined. You can actually taste everything that is inside and none of the ingredients dominates the rest. They even all acknowledge the meat as their superior. Nothing worse than accompaniments that hide away the rest. Yes, less onions would have been ok, too, but seriously, what would you do with a leftover onion half?

A Great Sauce for meat. Hooray for butter, cream and whiskey. See you soon on my table.


  1. Die Zwiebeln würde ich vielleicht etwas reduzeren, aber ansonsten klingt das nach Essen ganz nach meinem Geschmack... Ich mache jetzt Kartoffeln ähnlich deinen von neulich. Im Ofen mit Schinken, Lauch und viiiiiel Käse :)!

  2. Ist doch (fast) wie bei Mama. Da soll der Knirps sich nicht beschweren. Und es ist auch alles dran, was Männer so mögen: Fleisch, Zwiebeln und Whiskey.
    Well done, würde ich mal sagen.

    Grüße! N.