27. Dezember 2010

Find me online

For quite a while, I had been thinking that it would be great to have one place online where my different identities could get together. And I have found it:

About.me is the perfect place for collecting your content streams and identities in ONE place. No more You could find me here, and here, and here, but: find me at about.me/cati. Great. It is such a cool idea and also easy to use and I was done with my profile in no time.

So if you have the need to get yourself together: do it. And let me know where I can find you.


  1. Bekomme ich schon mal ein Autogramm, damit ich vorbereitet bin, wenn du dann veröffentlicht bist?!

  2. Klar, ich lass einfach das Datum weg, dann mekrt es nicht mal jemand... :-)