19. Dezember 2010

Week 37/52: Potatoe Salad with Rocket

The parmesan mill has been grating its heels off and so we tried another recipe with grated parmesan cheese. Who wouldn't have?

Actually, the geek tried. I slept on the couch until it was done. Perfect.

As many small, waxy potatoes as you like
250 g bacon, chopped
1 bunch rocket
4 Tsp olive oil
2 Tsp red wine vinegar
1 Tsp lemon olive oil
salt and pepper
herbs to your liking
100 g freshly grated parmesan cheese

Cook the unpeeled potatoes until they are still waxy, don't overcook!
In between, fry the bacon and prepare a vinaigrette with the olive oils, the vinegar, salt, pepper and whichever herbs you'd want to invite to your plate. Play a little with the ingredients until you like it. I think that it would be good to warm the vinaigrette a little, to prevent the potatoes from cooling off too quickly.

When the potatoes are done, mix them with bacon, rocket and vinaigrette in a bowl and serve. Easy, right?

We decorated our salad with parmesan cheese, took the pictures and then mixed it. I love cheese with anything, the geek doesn't, but he still liked this hot potatoe salad very much.

I drank a weiss beer with it, which was perfect. What surprised me most was that I could not pinpoint the perfect season for this salad. It was good in our snowy circumstances, but I can picture it next to shorts and shirt and a barbecue grill in the summer. Although I might skip on the bacon, for it is really a full-fledged experience with potatoes AND bacon.

So it is really a four seasons dish which I will definitely serve in the other three as well. Need a close-up?

Guten Appetit!

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