24. Januar 2011

Week 42/52: Pasta - Quick and Dirty

Pressed by time? I was. Again. New Year's resolution: less meat? No idea what to cook, as all your ideas end in a happy "And then, then we'll add some bacon...."? Well, I found the perfect solution in my new Jamie Oliver cookbook:

Spaghetti with rocket and tomatoes.

You need little for two:
250 g rocket
4 tomatoes, squared
basil (1 tsp dried or 1 Tsp fresh)
one handful of olives, green or black or both, sliced
6 Tsp olive oil
2 Tsp red balsamic vinegar
salt and pepper

Cook the spaghetti. Until they are done, you have time to chop the tomatoes. It would be best to use tomatoes at room temperature, as the spaghetti will be the only heat source later on. Plus they taste much more tomatoish, if they don't come straight from the fridge.

Also cut up the rocket and slice the olives and throw all the ingredients into a bowl.


Grate some parmesan cheese, if you have any. Parmesan cheese goes well with everything, so you should always have some at home.

Once the spaghetti are done, mix with the salad and serve as soon as possible. Don't worry, it stays warm for a bit. But you can also let it cool off a bit and serve it as a pasta salad. I love versatile dishes, did I mention that before? No? Well, I do.

Overexposed, it looks like this:

Close up, it looks like this:

It tastes: delicious. And you are ready to sit down and eat in 10 minutes. So it is perfect for our Friday grocery tours which means that we will make it about every other Friday, when we remeber that we wanted to eat less meat!

We also served the obligatory salad, as there can't ever be too many greens on the table. And a red wine, Shiraz as usual. We are very traditionalist people, you see!

Guten Appetit!


  1. Oh juhu! Etwas ähnliches hatte ich mal in Byron Bay (Australien) gegessen - und ich hatte mir fest vorgenommen, das öfter zu kochen. Und habe es auch getan. Bis ich es irgendwie, irgendwann verloren habe - Danke für die neue Inspiration! Gibt es am Wochenende und dann stoßen wir auf dich an!!

  2. Hi! Ich bin neulich über deinen Blog gestolpert :D Das Rezept sieht super lecker aus - und wenn ein Gericht schon toll aussieht, wenn es überbelichtet ist, kann man ja ganz sicher davon ausgehen, dass es unter optimaler Belichtung einfach unglaublich wäre! ;)

    (I've got to say - and I will CHEAT now and do so in English - I am very impressed by your Recipe Writing In English skills - if I tried to write this sort of post in German, terrible things would happen! Hut ab!)

  3. Ach, es hat aber auch wirklich lecker geschmeckt :-)