11. Februar 2011

Cati cares for coffee cups

Today I cleaned up my desk and took the opportunity to show you my collection of coffee mugs that convened in my desk drawer kiosk to celebrate the end of turmoil week.

The first one is my current favorite. I love both color and form and would love to have more of them at home. Unfortunately, it is a promotional gift from an training provider and features a really stupid message on the other side. Upside: right-handed as I am, I can easily hide the message from people around me.

Then there is the ugliest mug on earth, which has been featured on this here blog before. It shows a giant rabbit which I would be scared of if I ever met it, even in broad daylight. Said rabbit sits in a field under a thunderstormy heaven, surrounded by panicking sheep, holding a broken egg shell in its paw with a little chicken in it. Weirdo. But the higher-than-normal size is perfect for tea. So there you go.

I love season's greetings as much as I love this cup. When my best friend finally moved back to Hamburg, she gave it to me and I have used it ever since. Mostly before Christmas, but its delicate look is perfect for all days on which I want to feel lady-special. Sometimes it seems to be almost see-through, but it is not. It is small than a regular mug, which is perfect for my plan to reduce on caffeine. One cup then just isn't the same as one cup.

Christmasy she is. Here is my favorite robust Christmas mug, with walking presents, a walking tree and a very graphic style. It reminds me a bit of my favorite books from when I was little. Very clear and colorful. And without vampires or dinosaurs. I was a standard kid.

This rather childish mug was a birthday present from my other self, with whom I had spent several Whitsun-Holidays in her house in Normandy. When she was there without me, she remembered that I had loved this design quite a bit and brought me both cup and bowl. Both are being used frequently, and this one is great for tea, too. And never used for coffee as it would totally destroy my less-caffeine approach to life.

Again, something smaller. This one I bought from Rossmann when I was in need of deodorant. I hadn't even noticed that I needed another coffee cup, but luckily Rossmann reminded me. Spring was coming up. They have the same one with greenish colors, but I am a girl.

The last one is the recent addition to the club. It is the newest marketing freebie of the company I work for and I love both the straightforward form and the design. If you are wondering why I am so in love with white letters on a white cup, I can tell you that the outside of the is clean white while the message is inside. The company's URL is printed all around, about 1/3 down from the upper edge (perfect as a "stop pouring"-signal). At first I thought that this is really dumb as no one will notice it. But seriously, how often do you hold a cup at eye-height? Never. Except when you are trying to check whether the underside is still wet after that coffee flood in the kitchen. But the inside: always in sight. How tricky.

So what does your day look like? Where does your coffee/tea come from? Are you willing to share your dirty secrets? I'd love to see them, as I am seriously fond of mugs.


  1. Danke für diese Einblicke! Ich werde folgen, wobei das noch warten muss, ich bin ja erst am 1.März wieder im Büro ;-D
    Liebe Grüße, Fredda

  2. Das ist ein ganz wunderbarer Beitrag. Aufgrund des Tassenskandals im letzten Jahr im Büro, bin ich dazu auch äußerst gut aufgestellt. Allerdings bin ich krank und nicht im Büro. Sobald sich das ändert, zeige ich Ihnen meine Schätzchen!

    (Heute gibt es übrigens endlich den griechischen Fisch.)

  3. Sehr schöne Tassen! Ich werde bald mal meine zeigen, sind allerdings deutlich weniger!
    Liebste Grüße!

  4. Schätzelein, apropos erste Tasse... Hema bietet bonbonfarbene Tassen in gewünschter Form feil. Weiß das - hab ich nämlich auch! Eben "echt Hema, didelidi" :-)

  5. Liebe Frau Novemberregen, bittebitte auch ein Foto vom Querulanten zeigen, begraben unter den ergaunerten Tassen!

    Gute Besserung an alle und: genießt das Nicht-Büro!

  6. Hach ich liebe Häferl. Liegt vllt auch daran, daß ich meine kaum noch benütze, seit der Umräumaktion (ich sag nur: Turmbau..).

    Aber gehütet und geschätzt werden sie alle : )


  7. Liebe Catibasmati, ich habe das nun hier hin gemacht, weil ich nicht wusste, ob man in Ihr Kommentarfeld einfach so Tassen kleben kann.