9. März 2011

How do you know that you haven't been running for a while?

  1. You can't remember what to wear in THAT weather.
  2. You can't remember where you put your running shoes.
  3. You find your running shoes behind the old shoes set aside for gardening. And you don't even have a garden.
  4. Your muscles can't remember the required movements.
  5. You are looking forward to seeing a red pedestrian light. And you feel like breaking down sobbing whenever you see a green one.
  6. You can think of so many other activities you'd enjoy more. Like staying in bed.
But in the end, you feel better than ever. Thank you, running, for coming back to my life after two months remember that sacroiliac joint disaster of January? of not moving any faster than an 86 year old lady. Yes: LADY. With pink sweaters embroidered with gardenias.

And thank you, osteopath, for all the magic back healing you have been doing. I will forever shower you with gardenias. Or sweaters, if you like.

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