15. März 2011

Recipe Raffle Winner

A few days ago I asked you for recipes for the final cooking spree of Cati Basmati's Cooking Project. And you sent them.

Today, my assistant Claudette drew the winner:

Claudette was made by tanjerine and there is far more pink involved that you'd think from that picture.
So Claudette wrote all the participants' names onto individual sheets of paper.

Then she threw them up in the air, because she is not so good at shuffling.

Next she picked a winner. Well, she tried, but her arms were too short:

Try kneeling with your legs stuck in a toilet paper roll. So she used a little trick:

And the winner is:

She was immediately disqualified because she never submitted a recipe. After a bit of scolding, we continued. And the REAL WINNER IS:

Congratulations, Fredda! There will be meat with lots of garlic. Perfect! Send me an e-mail with your address and your precious price will soon be on its way. Soon as in this year sometime before summer...
Thank you all for participating, it was a mouth-watering pleasure to read about all that yummy food. And I guess I will eventually try all of the recipes.


  1. Ich hab gewonnen!!! *freu* hüpf* *jubel* *dreh-im-kreis*
    Meine Adresse werde ich Dir gleich zukommen lassen! Dann muss Deine Tasche ja gar nicht weit reisen ...
    Und ich bin schon gespannt wie es Euch schmeckt ... wir LIEBEN dieses Essen! Falls noch Rückfragen bzgl. des Rezeptes sind - einfach melden ;-)
    Ganz liebe Grüße, Fredda

  2. Gratulation : )


    An Cati:
    Hab kurzfristig umdisponiert usw, na die Post wirds hoffentlich bringen...

  3. Ja, eben gesehen, daß ich was vergessen hab, einzupacken.. arghs echt wahr...

    Na ja, also es kommt dann in paar Wochen hinterher.