5. April 2011

Week 52/52: The grand pork and garlic finale

What can I say after 52 weeks and 52 new recipes? If I were you, I'd marry me. I can feed you well. Just sayin'.

This week's finale for the grand project was reader Fredda's recipe for garlic pork. Meat and garlic, it basically just misses cream and butter to sound like the perfect choice for mankind. It is surprisingly easy to make and is a good choice if you are expecting company. There is a bit of preparation with time in between tasks that you can use for setting the table and decorating yourself with tons of makeup.

So go get that pork out of the fridge and start cooking:

For 4, you need:

1 kg pork
6 garlic cloves, quartered
salt and pepper
3 Tsp oil
750 g carrots, sliced into 5 cm pieces
50 g ginger, sliced finely
3 Tsp sugar beet molasses
400 ml vegetable broth
400 g tomatoes, cut into halves
1/2 bunch parsley, chopped
the juice of 2 lemons

How to:

Preheat the oven to 190°C.
Cut the pork 24 times with a sharp knive and stick the garlic clove quarters into those holes. You want them to be almost gone so they won't fall out during the cooking process. Season with salt and pepper.

Fry the meat from all sides in a large oven-proof pot.

Add the carrots and fry for another minute.

Add the ginger and the molasses. The recipe originally called for "light as in not brown" molasses, but my kitchen provided the regular stuff only. Worked well. Let it caramelize for a few minutes, then add the vegetable broth and let it cook.

Place the pot in the oven and let it sit there for about 50 minutes. Then add the tomatoes and let it sit for another 30 minutes. Yes, that is 80 minutes in 190°C. Make sure to pour the broth over the meat every once in a while. Best without burning your arms or wrists. Just sayin'.

Shortly before serving, add the parsley.

Seconds before serving, squeeze the lemons and pour the juice all over the meat and the vegetables. The geek doesn't like lemon juice over his meat and vegetables, so we prepared the plates and then I poured generously over mine. I liked it.

Yes of course there is a salad. And potatoes, which were great for absorbing all that liquid sauce. Yummy.

I have to say, this is a winner when entertaining guests. After all that manageable slicing and chopping, you only add stuff every once in a while and let it take care of itself for the rest of the time. So you can do all sorts of other entertaining stuff in between. Like tasting the alcohol. Or share all that chitchat you've heard since last time.

The carrots have a perfect soft but not too soft consistency and the lemon juice contrasts perfectly with the subtle sweet molasses sauce. I had expected the garlic to be more prominent, but you just somehow know it is there without having to hold your own breath while talking. Nice. See you soon, porky.

And now the project is over and I can cross it off my list.

Thank you all for following me through this year. I have enjoyed cooking every single one of the dishes and I have enjoyed eating most of them. And no, I won't stop cooking now, but I certainly have a more relaxed approach to it without that pressure to producing photographable results. I have learned not to follow the instructions all the time and I have certainly gained more confidence in chosing recipes and combining ingredients.

So in the end, I'll just say:
Guten Appetit.

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  1. Ja! Kann ich alles bestätigen ;-)
    Auch sehr geeignet um die Oma von den eigenen Kochkünsten zu überzeugen ... sie war beeindruckt ;-)
    Liebe Grüße, Fredda