2. September 2011

The adventures of Huckleberry Bison Steak

For my birthday, I was blessed with a gift certificate for Gourmetfleisch and I never told you about it, right? Shame on me! And: here you go:

Even though it felt a little strange to order meat online, I couldn't resist the tempting pictures and descriptions. I ordered bison, because I had never tasted bison and was eager to cross that of my non-existent list of things I'd like to try. I also ordered a barbecue sauce, because I liked the label of the bottle. Yes, I am that simple.

So when the package was waiting for me at the post office's collection place, I was expecting something worth the content of max. 1000 g and the size of, well, two steaks and a bottle of barbecue sauce. I was not prepared to meet THE BOX.

I opened the compartment and was a little confused about the size of THE BOX, but little did I know about its weight yet. When I tried to sportily lift it out of the compartment - an overhead one for people my size - I failed. It was that heavy. So I gathered all my muscle strength and managed to get THE BOX out. Feeling very weak.

Unfortunatly, I had to carry it through a drizzling rain to the next bus stop, where luckily there wasn't anyone else. THE BOX wanted to sit down. See how large it is?

On the bus, I spotted this label and my confuzzled mind slipped into a carousel of doubt. Is that box my box? With two steaks and a bottle of barbecue sauce?

At home I opened it and immediately liked what I saw: color. Lots of color. They send me their catalog and who wouldn't love a nicely edited catalog of meat? You tell me.

Inside THE BOX there was another box, but I had expected something like a styrofoam casing for keeping my meat fresh. And see how the colorful papercasing matches my green sweater in the background? How did they know?

Inside: pure joy. Food.

And the puzzle of how two steaks and a barbecue sauce could amount to 4.5 kg was resolved: they send presents along with my order!
Extra sausages...

Extra sausage sauce! Thank you, Gourmetfleisch.de!

And my steaks, which were nicely cooled with ice packs. Well done, Internet.
So that night was bison night. They sent instructions for making a good steak and of course I tried their suggestions. After all, they are the steak people.

But first of all, I cut up some potatoe skins and put them in the oven, salted and with lots of rosemary. Yummy.

The Gourmetfleisch instruction strongly urged us not to use our nonstick frying pan, so please ignore the nonstick frying pan in the pictures and pretend it is made of cast iron. In that cast iron pan, roast each side of your steak for about 2-3 minutes. And marvel at how nice that bison meat looks like.

After the flip...

After those first frying minutes, we obeyed the orders of putting the pan into the oven at 90°C for another 8 minutes to let the steak come to a rest. It's just that our totally not nonstick frying pan wouldn't have survived that so we wrapped the steaks in aluminum foil and used the maybe nonsick frying pan for frying some onion rings.

Then we tossed together a simple salad with lettuce, tomatoes and spring onions and there you go:

Doesn't that look great?

I have to admit that their suggestions were very helpful for making a good steak so I have stacked that paper into my cookbook pile on the fridge for future reference. I am not so sure though about the cost-value ratio of ordering bison steak online compared with buying a really good beef steak from my local butcher. The meat was really good, lean and even and a bit more aromatic than normal beef and it was certainly worth the totally out of the ordinary price we paid. But I have had beef steak that was quite as good as this batch. So how about buying local?

I guess we'll be doing a lot of meat tasting soon.

Guten Appetit.


  1. Also schmeckt Bison fast genauso wie normales Rind nur noch besser :)?! Bei uns hat hier gerade ein "Filetshop" aufgemacht. Ohne Witz. Da kann man vakuumisiertes Rindfleisch in rauen Mengen kaufen. Vielleicht haben die ja auch Bison...

  2. Spannend! Fleisch per Post ... aber das Experiment ist ja geglückt und sieht wirklich lecker aus!
    Liebe Grüße, Fredda

  3. Richtig, Bison gleich gutes Rind. Also tut's such gutes Rind ;-)