7. September 2011

Blogs I like: La Tartine Gourmande

Lately I stumbled across this lovely food blog by Béatrice Peltre, a French expatriate living in Boston:
La Tartine Gourmande - stories about food and life.

She says about herself:
I am obsessed with cooking, eating, sampling new ingredients, styling and photographing food. I am lucky to have lived in a few countries including beautiful New Zealand, so I now continue to travel the world and document my discoveries with words and photos. I work as a food stylist/photographer/writer, and feel blessed to be able to combine my passion into my work.
What I like about this blog? It reads so mouthwatering and features amazing photos which make me miss summer vacation in France. I find it so inspiring and could spend hours at a time browsing the archive. There is so much more to discover than jsut cooking and eating.

Why don't you just go see for yourself?

by La Tartine Gourmande

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