27. September 2011

Blogs I like: The Pioneer Woman Cooks!

I am pretty sure that I have already presented in this here blog my love for Ree Drummond's cookbook The Pioneer Woman Cooks. It is so refreshing to see someone who is not afraid of more butter, more sugar, more cheese and more taste.

Ree's blog is one I consult in times of need. As in "need for comfort food without being hungry or access to food." There are always tons of pictures of every single step in a recipe so that it almost feels like watching a cooking show on TV. Which I can totally do 24/7.

Today, she features her Frito chili pies which enthuse with meat being thrown over chips, topped with cheese. Life cannot be better at times.

And beans:

And lasagna:

And hmmmmmm.


  1. Oh yummm! I'm off to check out those links. Thanks! Kellie xx

  2. And have you stopped drooling yet? Happens to me a lot when I read food blogs ;-)