30. September 2011

Change of Standard Operation Procedures

It is 6:48 a.m. - 5 minutes before my train departs - an I am standing in the bakery, about to order my lunch. Shame on me, but try to assemble a sandwich with no bread in the house. See!

When it is my turn, the following conversation enrolls, which I can only provide in German as the statements are quite specifically German bakery statements. I'll provide a rough translation and I hope you'll understand the tragedy.

Und ich so: "Ein belegtes Fladenbrot bitte, mit Schinken und Käse."
Und sie so: "Soll ich es toasten?"
Und ich so: "Nein, danke, am Stück."

So basically she asked me whether I want that ham and cheese pita toasted or not and I answer that I don't want her to pre-cut the bread loaf. See, I hardly ever buy my lunch at the bakery but tend to bring my own. So normally when I find myself in the bakery, I buy bread loafs. Plus an occasional pastry. So how am I supposed to know that the morning staff may confuse me with out of the ordinary questions? That I have to pay attention? BEFORE I HAD MY COFFEE??

I hate it when the world finds out that I only live according to the script. Sudden changes confuse me, especially before 7 a.m. Keep that in mind, world.


  1. Böse Welt! Ich sag ganz oft an der Kasse "Danke, Ihnen auch". Selbst dann, wenn die kassierende Person mir keinen schönen Tag gewünscht hat. Nach kurzer Errötung beschließ ich dann aber immer, dass die anderen sich schämen sollten - nicht ich und mein vertrotteltes Hirn.
    Liebe Grüße!

  2. Cati: 'BC' (before coffee) is rather to be avoided with me; hence breakfast definitely (and for the safety of the 'rest' of the word) at home. 'Moth' (man of the house) usually not at risk to be endangered to be either heavily growled at or eaten alive as breakfast replacement!

    YET: from thereon, they have to stand similar cheeky comments like you've to cope with from me ;-)
    A speciality of mine is in the supermarkets to the check-out persons polite englisch phrase of 'How are you'. They usually 'wake up' pretty fast when they hear my bavarian answer translated into Englisch: "good thanks and it's actually rather easy since I'm on the better side of the till !"


    P.S. aren't you glad to occasionally be able to switch me off per computer button?!