16. September 2011

GDR Cookbook

Last year, my little brother gave me a GDR (German Democratic Republic) cookbook for Christmas. So far I haven't picked a recipe from it yet, but as I was reading through it today - determined to try one, finally - I thought that I have already often made something from this book, not knowing that the recipes are supposedly Eastern German. In fact most of the I have heard of as traditional of other regions.

But at least now I know about the funny Eastern German names:

Proud Henry - a bratwurst dish
Knuckle of pork, clay and straw - well that speaks for itself, doesn't it?

Thuringian sweat - not very inviting to read further into it
Heaven and earth - potatoes, pears and black pudding

and so on.

Do you have recipes that are some of your favorites but have really awful names? Please share, I want to try them!

Today is Friday so we are having our usual spaghetti bolognese night. We use beef, both fresh tomatoes and purée, exceptionally good red wine (usually Shiraz) and lots of garlic and parmesan cheese, but the rest is up to what's in the fridge. Which has been cleaned today, by the way. Good housewife I am.

What's on your plate today?


  1. Ahhh Spagehtti! looks Yoummy...if we didn't have a football game tonight perhaps I'd run at lunchtime to start making some, but then we just had some last weekend.
    Miss your cooking! MMMMMMMM

  2. Ach Cati, hops' doch mal kurz rüber zu den Österreichern - Dinner surprise, wenn man nach den Namen geht!

    - Lungenbraten
    - Beuscherl
    - Blunzen, geroestet
    - ah ja: Paradeiser auf Brot mit Olivenoel, Basilikum..

    ... und dann gehst Du dorten noch "Ananas" einkaufen (im Frühsommer (!) und Dir werden vor Verwunderung die Augen aus dem Kopf fallen.
    ABER in generell gilt: Österreich spricht deutsch!
    Anmerkung von mir: "teilweise und unter anderem!"
    Freundin E. und mir (beide mit Österreichern verheiratet) entreisst es selbst nach Jaaaahren immer wieder ein verwundertes "Hah?" (bayerisch für "wie bitte" ;-) ! ) über immer wieder neue Begriffe aus dieser 'Fremdsprache'.

    Viel Glueck,