19. September 2011

Deep-fried rasberry flavored waffles

Tomorrow I am heading over the border to Bruxelles to do some translating at a company event of ours. Thinking of what that means in food terms, I could only come up with rasberry or other fruit flavored beer, Belgian waffles and Belgian fries, which are much thicker than your regular french fries.

So all in all, if the hotel isn't a total bummer and serves sautéd roadkill for breakfast, I am all set.

For the rest: I am craving soup these days. Vegetable soup, potatoe soup, creamy no matter what's inside soup... anything that makes me think of a comfortable place by the oven or fireplace. Must be fall approaching.

1 Kommentar:

  1. Viel Spass mit dem Drumrum zu diesem Event.
    Vergiss JAAAA nicht, 'gemütlichere' Klamotten einzupacken; d.h., welche, die noch 'Fassungs-Kapazität' haben. ;-o