26. September 2011


Welcome to my lunchbox. It basically looks like this, with few adjustments each day.

My company does feature a luxurious canteen, but after a few weeks of always the same (thursday is Schnitzel day. EVERY thursday.), I was back to bringing my own lunch. Since the arrival of the microwave, I have sometimes brought leftovers, but I have also realized that that will ensure pretty tired afternoons, so I don't use the microwave as often as I had thought I would. Plus, we don't often have leftovers, as the food is always too tempting, sitting around in our kitchen. The exception is today, we had ordered Chinese and the place we order from is VERY generous with the size of their servings. And sometimes, they even understand what we want to order (German numbers sound all jsut the same for that particular Chinese woman) and we end up with what we intended to eat. Sometimes.

So in the morning, I rush to make two sandwiches: one with a sweet topping for a second breakfast (I have been in a honey mood these past days, but it is more often jam or sometimes Nutella) and one with cheese or sausage or whatever hearty topping comes across my eyes during fridge inspection.

There is always a yogurt and for a few months now, I have been concentrating on plain yogurt. Don't start reading ingredient labels, they'll just make you cry. Or eat plain stuff. But before you pity me: I love that yogurt better than most fruit-flavored ones and yes, I don't think there is too much fruit involved in them. Sometimes, when I feel very crazy, I'll exchange the yogurt for cottage cheese. What can I say? I am a simple person.

There is always fruit and tomatoes. Life would not be good without fruit. Or tomatoes.

And there is always hope. Hope that it was someone's birthday and that this someone brings in cake to share with colleagues. If they let me down, there is the vending machine. I'll just have to be faster than the software developers as the number of employees is not the decisive argument when it comes to defining the quantity of Snickers that is stocked.

So that is it. Pretty boring, now that I have written about it, but I like all these things and the amount of work is manageable in the morning and all these Jamie Oliver suggestions are rather something I can marvel about when reading his books.

How do you make it over the day?


  1. O.K., everyday breakfast: definitely at home with a choice of 5 cold cuts and up to 5 cheese varieties. 3 varieties of bread.1 weekly changing fruit-juice, coffee in strengths of 'depends who makes it'; medication if necessary.
    Above fuss for 2 persons and home has to be left by 7 a.m.
    Weekends: additional egg or even fully cooked brekkie.

    Lunch Parcels: 1 cake slice (3 varieties per week to choose from) 1 piece of fruit plus something more substantial like:
    - Taboulee, ham, salad Mountain bread wrap
    (ingredients packed separate, since he rather assembles them himself instead of dealing with soggy 'towels'- sigh)
    - cold smoked chicken slices on salad + yoghourt+chives sauce
    - cold roast beef and veggie salad + bread roll
    - swiss 'wurst-salat' + bread roll
    - polo/beef con tonato sauce + bread roll
    - foccacia (self assembled)
    - Antipasti platter with matching bread
    - mezze spreads with matching bread
    - 'bathed'/marinated Tomatoes with feta + bread
    - 'been for a walk tin of value-added-tuna', this means: some tin of tuna or chicken mix which can be dragged around easy YET brought home again in case some colleagues had a bright idea to order in or dine out which is a 'friday risk'.

    Since noodle salad is a reason for a divorce there are only the options of either: Soba-noodles with asian flavoured tin of basa (fish) filets or black (squid-ink) noodles with salmon freckles and yoghourt+sour cream, dill sauce.

    Make me a proposal and/or swap places?

  2. Dear Anonymous, if you tempt me like that, I can so make you a proposal, formerly known as propose: Will you marry me and make my lunch for as long as we are happily ever after?
    Seriously, how can you do all that before leaving the house at 7? Do you prepare the lunches the night before? Or stack up your fridge with ready-made lunchbox ingredients which you then only need to assemble? I am open to suggestions!

  3. Cati, it's indeed hell of a lot of 'sport'/preparation the evening before.
    Yet I got/resortet to this system after remembering that my mother (+ many others as well in earlier times) didn't have much of a chance to do things any different - and survived despite lower incomes; at times not knowing the price of the goods (not labelled; prices were 'surprises' at the register) they had/wanted to buy and many other odds.
    And at times those ladies had to get more children's fed and brought through life as well than nowadays.


    P.S.: needless to tell you about the 'usual exclusions' for any contest/proposal (members and their fam.-members) since you've booked yourself as test-eater/food-checker in my household anyway already at an earlier stage a bit back here on your blog. ;-) :-)
    YET: I probably would gladly marry you since you fullfill already one of the most important criteria I've found amongst married people to the question of "why did they get married to especially THIS obviously special person" : makes me laugh and cheers me up!

  4. Dear Cati,

    it's indeed sort of 'sport'/prepare work the evening before.
    I/we resorted to this since it's saving us heaps of money and that in olden days our mothers had to do something similar to get us (and sometimes even more children then nowadays) fed well and to get us through life on a smaller budget and mostly not even a choice to 'do it lazy' !

    For start: table for the morning is set with cups+ glasses upside down sitting on their plates ready for next morning.
    Bread is pre-cut; next day wanders into toaster (if wanted; 'yes' here)
    The cold cuts are stored in general in their part-wrapping aaall together in some plastic container from where they're taken in the evening to fill up the to be replenished 'tray' for the morning.
    'Tray' consists of old fashioned microwave veggie steamer (base; colander/steam part; lid). The 'punctured' colander/steam part gets a cut to size layer of sandwich paper on which the cheeses are placed.
    The cold cuts are placed in the base layer.
    In the morning: full tray out; cheese layer onto reversed lid and cold cuts/base part separate.
    Coffe/Tea done inbetween toasting, swivelling around and finishing touches to lunch parcels.
    The cakes are either frozen or stored in tins and are 'smaller packaged' the night before to just 'grab and throw' in the morning. As much as possible the same with your planned 'more substantial'.
    The one who had his shower first is the one to finish the table, means: stack tray back and put into fridge; control all electric gadgets having been used to be switched off again.
    Every few days the tray gets a wash in the evening and the 'sandwich paper layer' on the steamer part gets replaced (quite a stack of them fix and ready cut stored inside the roll itself )

    Well, to be honest, it has another very positive side effect to the money saving: muuuch more time for 'kcc' (kissing cuddling and canoodling) in the morning which we seem to need an aaaawfull lot of.

    Up to yourself and your demands on life - ours fits better with the above 'start' of the day.

    Loving greetings,

    N.B.: Needless to tell you there are exclusions to the 'proposal' as to any winning lottery and/or other game!
    You know: staff and/or their family members; don't you?
    Since you opted for food tester/food checker in my household at an earlier stage on your blog this year ...
    .... sorry, dear, you're an 'exclusion' ;-) :-) :-D
    YET: I bet I'd gladly marry you since even due to what I've learnt about you via this blog you'd full fill already ONE of the most common requirements to the question when people are asked "why select THIS obviously so special person for marriage": because he/she makes me laugh; brightens my day(s) and cheers me up!!!

    Thanks for getting this free from you (we might have 'disagreements' with our version of 'kcc' anyway; hence I recommend to stick to 'our devils we know already'
    :-) :-D !)