20. September 2011

Pineapple pool party

As the latest sporty endeavors failed to thrill me with their singing bowl relaxation units, I have added another water-based course to my workout schedule. Yes, I'd rather go running, but the sacroiliac joint objects. If you are wondering how this post will manage the U-turn towards Food September, you'll be surprised!

First of all, I had to go to a different pool than the one I am used to from 10 years of aqua jogging, which by the way looks like this:

Yes, your feet do not touch the ground and there is no one there to help you stay above the surface. Hence the sporty endeavor.

I managed to find the facilities all by myself, meaning that I found the hospital where they took my wisdom teeth (3 of 4) years ago. Their pool is the place of bliss, but they also entertain with a total redesign of their facilities including where the main entrance is located, new buildings, paths were hedges used to be and so on. I bravely ask for the way and get a supposedly understandable answer: "Take the right aisle up to elevator A6. Press the button that says "Pool" and guess where you'll end up."

All done. Tragic is that the elevators opens right into the actual indoor-pool-room, which is entertaining as old ladies in swimsuits attempt olympic exercises, but also a bit embarassin as I am pretty sure I am not intended to enter this way and overall not in my street clothes including non-pool-suitable shoes.

Retreat and attempt to find a way that leads to the changing rooms.

Successful. The pool is really small and yippeeh my head manages to stay out of the water's range while my feet can still touch the ground. And 3 minutes into this new class, I know that I'll sign up for the follow-up course right away.

10 minutes into this new class, I start phantasizing about food. Yes, this is where the Food September appropriate content starts. Is it just me or does water sport make you so much more hungry on the spot than other sports? Running makes me thirsty, riding my bike makes me tired and so on, but water sports make me phantasize of food. Of all the high-calorific joys I could enjoy after all this workout stress who needs to take a shower and use a towel first I don't.

This time I could not help but think of toast hawaii.

Toast mit Schinken, Käse und Ananas
picture by Florian Siepert

Luckily there was neither pineapple nor ham around and I was too tired anyhow to eat anything but chocolate and drink about 39 gallons of water.

What do you crave when exercising?


  1. Und einen Moment lang dachte ich echt, dass wärst du da im Wasser... :)!

    Wassersport macht mich auch immer hungrig. Aber nur auf Pommes, das scheint eine Art Verknüpfung au frühkindlichen Freibadtagen in meinem Hirn zu sein!!

    Was ich mich gerade frage: Was für einen Wassersport machst du denn da jetzt?!

  2. Pineapples beim Wassersport? Urlaubsträume vielleicht?
    Aber Du hast Recht: Aktio ist gleich RE-Aktio. Kalorien runter und schon sucht der Körper/das Hirn nach 'ner Auffuell-Quelle.
    Ich kann Dir allerdings niiie erklären, wie es passiert, dass man beim Fliegen (kleine Maschinen) auf doppelte Weise Pleite gehen könnte: Fliegen kostet und man (wirklich viele Bekannte von mir) wird dabei soooo hungrig, dass man daran auch noch Pleite werden könnte.

    Liebe Gruesse,

  3. ah ja, faellt mir gerade ein/könnte zum allg. Amüsement beitragen:
    Cravings after exercise: not existing due to lack of exercise !
    Baking ANY sweets is usually done with a jar of pickled cucumbers within reach - for balance; since I do the baking only for 'geek-alike' and I'm not very fond of sweets myself.


    N.B: are you by now giving those comfy(r) clothes of yours a proper 'work-out' in Belgium ?

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  5. @Fee: Ich hab aber ja zur Zeit auch einen dunklen Badeanzug, das kann zu Verwirrungen führen. Der neue Kurs ist ein Aquajümminastikkurs. Also wie Aquajoggen, nur mit Bodenkontakt und mehr Rumgehampel mit Gerätschaften (leider nicht = relaxen gestützt von Poolnudel oder so...).

    Belgium was just a little bit of fun but worst was this: breakfast was the highlight, it went all downhill from there. Luckily no fruitflavored beers, but also no Belgian fries. A sad, sad life it is.

  6. ... und DAS, wo ich gerade dabei gewesen wäre, Deinen Dich nach Belgien begleitenden Klamotten etwas moralische Unterstützung einzureden:
    ... uuund strecken uuuund dehnen uuuund haaalten - gaaanz fest bitte!

    Ja, seufz, das alte Uebel von Unterschied(en) zwischen:
    Dienstreisen; im Lande leben oder Urlaub in einem Lande machen! Grooosse Unterschiede.

    Liebe Gruesse,