25. September 2011

Sontagssüß: Zimtschnecken

My younger brother is taking a Swedish class, so I could not help but make some kanelbullar, formerly known as cinnamon rolls. Family logic, I guess.

I tried a new way of preparing the yeast dough this time and it was amazing how the rolls turned out: all fluffy, moist and perfect. So I thought I'd share with you:

Warm 1 l milk, 1 cup of vegetable oil and 1 cup of sugar until lukewarm and sprinkle 1 package of yeast on top. Always use fresh yeast instead of that package of dry, grainy yeast you found in that box of baking supply of yours back there behind everything else. Trust me. It is a key to success.

Then pour that mix over 1 kg flour and mix roughly. No kneading required as for now. And here comes a little trick I learned from the elderly: cover the dough with a dish towel, place the bowl in your bed and wrap your blanket tightly around it. If you have a down feather blanket: perfect. The heat'll help the dough rise better than ever.

After an hour, add another cup of flour, 1 tsp baking powder, 1 tsp salt and 1/2 tsp baking soda. And here is where I can share another little trick with you. I have read somewhere that you can place the dough now in the fridge over night or even for a couple of days before continuing making whatever you need the dough for. I tried the overnight version and LET ME WARN YOU: remember to punch down the dough every hour or so, as it rises and rises and rises and rises. Seriously. We had friends over until 2 a.m. and I am so glad I could check on the dough again and again and again. After the first 90 minutes, it was just about to spill over the edge of the bowl, looking for a way out. Which means that it had risen to more than twice its size. It did that several times, but needed longer and longer for it until I felt comfortable leaving it alone for some beauty sleep. Worked out alright and will be my preferred way of making yeast dough.

The next morning, I continued my endeavor. Cinnamon rolls are so easy, because all you need it so roll out the dough until you have a sheet of about dish towel size. Melt butter and spread it evenly over the dough. The more, the merrier. Then sprinkle a very generous amount of cinnamon (about 1/8 cup) and a cup of sugar onto the butter. The more, the merrier.

Then comes the hard part: roll the sheet into a log.

Then comes the next hard part: cut the log into slices, using your pinky to measure the width of the slices.

Then comes the next hard part: moving the slices from the log rolling location to a buttered pan without too much dripping and falling apart. Easiest solution: use a very big knife that rather reminds you of a Chinese performing arts cook or a battle axe as that features enough blade space for easy cutting, then flipping the slice onto the blade for removal to the pan. Do you know what I mean?

And don't worry if the first slice looks rather sad in that large pan. It always does.

Once you fill up the pan, you'll be very close to heaven. Only a little mor rising for about 15 minutes while the oven preheats will do. Followed by 15 minutes baking at 175°C, of course.

May I present heaven to you:

And the best part: your kitchen will keep that smell for a long time.
The worst part: your cinnamon rolls will be more liked than you. And not last for very long. Life is though.

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  1. Boah, sieht lecker aus! Ich glaub ich bin immer etwas geizig, was die Butter und den Zucker angeht. Die Dinger sind zwar lecker aber nie besonders saftig. Muss ich auch mal so auf dem Bleck versuchen.

    Haben die Schnecken Deinem Bruder geholfen? ;o)

    Übrigens Danke für den motivierenden Kommentar. Danach kamen mir die halben Sachen gar nicht mehr so halb vor.

    LG Anja

  2. Hah, die gabs bei uns Anfang dieser Woche auch ... allerdings hab ich wohl zuwenig gemacht, denn sie waren schneller verputzt, als ich sie fotographieren konnte. Bei Deinen Bilder bekomm ich direkt Lust nochmal welche zu backen.


  3. was für eine frage - ich natürlich! ;)

  4. ein ganzes blech voll kuchenglück :)

  5. Ja lingonsmak, ich muss leider ein neues Blech für Dich machen, dieses Blech war innerhalb von Sekunden komplett leer gefegt. Schweden muss also quasi warten, auch der Bruder ;-)